Dropping the price of the Kindle version

Alright, so I have made a decision: I am going to drop the price of the Kindle version of The Lethian.

I wanted to make a transparent explanation as to why, because I'm sure people are wondering why I didn't just set the price lower to begin with.

It mainly has to do with me wanting to encourage people to buy the print version of the book. As you guys know, I ran a campaign to print the book, so I want to sell as many physical copies as possible. Having an e-book that cost much less in comparison seemed to me that best way of deterring people from buying the physical copy, in lieu of a cheaper digital version.

Please remember that this is my debut novel and I am a self-published novelist, so I am learning as I go along. I didn't recognise how this would mostly result in people not buying either version because the prices looked high for a new author. Practically speaking the book sells at a price that is rather reasonable for its length, but I understand now better that I need to think of this from a more competitive standpoint.

The physical copy of the book will still remain priced as is (it's honestly not priced that high for a paperback of its size and length and physical quality) but the Kindle version will be priced lower.

Thank you very much for your understanding! If you purchased the Kindle version of The Lethian for the original price or pre-ordered it at Apprentice perk tier, please contact me either through email or the FB page to request a refund of the price difference from me.

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