It can be hard being a self-published author because if I don't work to get the book out, then... well, nothing really happens.

While I am well-aware of this fact, working on Serpamia Flare takes up most of my time and I have a wealth of other things to do, so promotion of the book ends up sliding onto the backseat more often than it should.

The result is, of course, that sales of the book aren't exactly skyrocketing and it can be a bit discouraging to realise, a couple months after publication, that I don't have any news-worthy sales going on. (Cause and effect.)

And when the statistics are less than thrilling, I think any self-published author can't help but feel slightly discouraged, even when you know exactly why. It's that silly hope, I suppose, that once you publish a book, you just watch them fly off the bookshelves on their own. :P

But every now and then, the few people who have read the book let me know what they thought of it. It's always lovely to hear people compliment the book on its structure, characterisation, dialogue, plot and so on. I'm always happy to hear it and feel very blessed that I had so much help from editors making the book read as smoothly as it does.

But once in a while I'll get a message from someone who has read the book and let me know it helped them get through a rough patch, because it was uplifting and gave them positive feels. And when I get that kind of message, I have to admit, it deflates my ego and reminds me of why I wrote the book in the first place, and gives me so much encouragement and inspiration to keep at it.

The goal of The Lethian may not be to win the next Nobel Prize or shatter social misconceptions on something controversial, but I admit that behind the fun and action of the plot, there is a deeper hope I want to impart, and if people feel it in their heart when they read the book, then that's the purpose of the book fulfilled.

Anyway, just to say - if you were one of those people, I thank you sincerely for letting me know how it helped you, because that is an amazing blessing to impart onto me and makes me so glad. :)

I truly hope that this book will bless whoever reads it. So I suppose I'd better get a move on in prioritising the book's promotion! :P

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