The Lethian Book Launch Wrap-up





I want to thank every single one of you lovely people who attended the book launch for The Lethian on Monday! I had a blast meeting old friends and making new ones, too. The Herbivores coffee shop made for a lovely, cosy atmosphere, and also provided some amusing moments where some curious people in the book store pressed their faces against the glass during the dramatic reading and author Q&A. You guys really kept me busy signing books and getting photos taken, which is an excellent thing to be able to say and I am so thankful for all of your support and blessings. Thank you for celebrating the publication of The Lethian together with me! It was a joy to see everyone having fun and enjoying the great food and juice.








I'd like to give a huge hand to The Herbivores for their hard work, especially with refilling all the delicious mezza platters at record speed (seriously, you guys ate a ton - major compliments to the chef!). The event went without a hitch and it would've been impossible without their great service! Thank you so much. (If you liked the food, be sure to visit their branches in Causeway Bay and Soho!)


For everyone who bought a book, I humbly request that you write a review on either Amazon or Goodreads after you finish reading it. It will help immensely in letting other people know what The Lethian is about, and I'd appreciate it so much! Thank you in advance!


Self-publishing is not the easiest path to take, but I am learning a lot, and one thing is for sure: this is not a journey that can be taken without copious amounts of support and love. This book launch made me feel incredibly blessed and fortunate. Thank you!


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