One week to go!

Just one week left for the pre-order campaign! Oh gosh, this is so nerve-wracking, but exciting!

I have some bonus content for the art book I'd like to share with you guys - they're just samples of the content that will be part of the deluxe edition of the art book that will only be available for those who pre-order at the art book tier. :)


I'm really excited for this campaign! :D <3

There may be a mild hiccup with the printing as I found myself flying out of town for family/health related reasons and am not in the position to view the digital proofs and blueline in time for the books to be printed before the end of May. I think. (I'll have to confirm this with the printers once I get back; for all I know, the books could be done faster than expected!) If it comes to that, the books will still be shipped within the first couple weeks of June.

Once I get my advance copies I'll be posting photos for sure! :D

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