Pre-orders are now open!

I can't believe I finally have pre-orders open! Gosh, I'm so psyched! And nervous. Really nervous.

A true story: I was talking out loud to myself while alone in the house, and staring at my screen and trembling as I realised there was no going back once the pre-order campaign went live. As I exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous!" one of my cats - who was on the bed - promptly threw up before I could say, 'I feel like I'm gonna throw up!'

I then spent five minutes cleaning up cat vomit from my bed before rushing out of my house to another appointment so I didn't get to agonise over how nervous I was for another three hours, and by then some of the anxiety had worn up and I was relatively calmer. THANKS, CAT. I THINK.

But in all seriousness, I'm really excited and nervous and all those things. I still have a lot to do; I need to complete the cover art, work on the perks, collect art for the art books, promote the crap out of this thing and organise the book launch. But it's all good stuff, and I'm really happy!


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