Sharie Park


A Novice of the Fourth Shield in the Lethian Art with a natural affinity to the Fire Element alongside an eagerness to learn. Constantly mistaken as a boy. Rough around the edges, but makes up for her lack of technique with instinct and creativity. Trained to veil her fiery and passionate side with a stoic front in order to rein back her inner violence, but when put to the test, she struggles to control her strength. Has a softer side that surfaces with someone who has gotten on her good side.


Likes green tea, beef and potato stew and has a penchant for getting over-excited when faced with the prospect of sparring with a worthy opponent.

Jeremiah Galein


Lethian of the Seventh Shield of Whitefields and mentor to Sharie. Passes on to his disciple not just the Lethian Art, but also his sarcasm and low tendency to compliment others despite being immensely proud of them. (Tsun!) Wears the same shirts and flip flops for years until he wears them, literally, to the ground.


Likes omelettes with a strange fixation on store-bought ketchup, and going on Seraphim missions.

Rindo Hazellise


A Lethian of the Fifth Shield and young in age despite his abilities. Does his utmost to adhere to the principles of Whitefields in all its morally unambiguous ways. Is a little too serious sometimes, but makes up for it with his extraordinary kindness. Is inundated with chocolates and gifts on St. Valentine's Day by adoring (female) fans at Whitefields every year.


Likes apple juice and healthy eats, but has a private love for chocolate, which tears him up during St. Valentine's Day.

Linda Stacey Carlton


Agent for underground fighters, with a plethora of useful (though shady) connections. Knows Thanatos is a winner right off the bat. A rich princess, but a smart and sassy one. Gets into damsel-in-distress situations often, but gets out of them just as easily. Looks out for the underdog, though she can be business-minded to a calculating degree.


Likes black coffee with a couple of sugars and strawberry yoghurt.

Jason Jae Young Lee


A (questionably) model student from Angelin High, and a year senior to Sharie. Holds title of Library Monitor, Botany Club President and is also a member of the Student Council. Hides many secrets under his annoying and foxy smile. Typically seen at the greenhouse, thumbing through worn notebooks. 


Likes peppermint tea, cinnamon buns and sour candies.



Tyrn Alazoneia


Leader of the Baklei crime syndicate. Powerful, talented and destructive. Has a caustic tongue and harbours a grudge thicker than tar against Whitefields. Has a very specific goal in mind and has no qualms with how much havoc he wreaks while trying to achieve it. 


Likes little, but hates lots.




Holly Agapelea


One of Sharie's guardians. Bright as a sunflower with plenty of cheer to spare. Brash and insensitive at times to a cringe-worthy degree. Studies Inthology, a form of Spirit Manipulation at Whitefields dealing with Medicinal application. 


Likes organic greens, especially dehydrated okra, and edible flowers.



Apollos Agapelea


Holly's brother. Quiet, narcoleptic and prone to dry humour. Studies Mecurials, a form of Spirit Manipulation at Whitefields dealing with Shadow. Doubles as one of Sharie's guardians and physical education teacher at Angelin High.


Likes junk food to an unhealthy degree but gets smacked around by his sister if he gets caught eating too much.



Cayla Zhi Hui Chan


Sharie's first real female friend and fellow student at Angelin High, though one year her senior. Ex-gangster leader. Energetic, cheerful and surprisingly girlish under her tough exterior. Participates in occasional underground fighting in DKC under the alias Crusader. 


Likes her crush, visiting new and popular eateries with Sharie and drinking ginger ale or home-made brews of tea.



Caleb Rayhart


Jeremiah's mentor, a Maven at Whitefields with a specialty in Inthology. Talks vaguely but acts pointedly. Humble, aloof and yet terrifyingly strong. Prime leader in almost every Seraphim mission. 


Likes every kind of tea except for chamomile, and reading on his own when he can find the time.




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